Cartridge Heater FAQ's

Cartridge Heater FAQ's


Cartridge heaters are a popular solution used to heat endless applications.

What are cartridge heaters? Cartridge heaters consist of a heated wire packed with inorganic powder and packed tightly into a metal tube. Also known as immersion heaters, there are many options and available sizes. Download our Cartridge Heater FAQ and read more on cartridge heaters and frequently asked questions including:

  • What are cartridge heaters
  • How cartridge heaters are made
  • Get the most efficient heat transfer and long life
  • Available cartridge heater options
  • Can cartridge heaters be used in liquids as immersion heaters
  • What are some of the termination options offered on cartridge heaters

Backer Hotwatt manufactures both spec and custom cartridge heaters for industrial, medical, commercial, packaging, instrumentation, aviation, transportation, and refrigeration & air conditioning.

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