Backer Hotwatt Creates an Electric Heater Resource for the Semiconductor Industry

Backer Hotwatt Creates an Electric Heater Resource for the Semiconductor Industry

Standard and Custom Heaters Resource for Semiconductor and Electronics Assembly Companies in an Easy Website Format

Massachusetts-based Backer Hotwatt, Inc. has been a trusted source of superior quality heating elements for OEMs in the medical, industrial, semiconductor, commercial, packaging, instrumentation, aviation, transportation, refrigeration/air conditioning, and military fields for almost 70 years. As a manufacturing partner, its engineers work in step with customers to meet all performance, physical, and regulatory requirements to ensure a successful product launch and commercialization. Backer Hotwatt has created a resource page on its website to help customers and prospects in the semiconductor and electronics assembly industries find the information they need quickly.2_Backer Hotwatt-Spiral-Tubular-Heater-Semiconductor-1000pxl

Heating elements are used in applications ranging from test sockets, controlled environments, and vacuum systems to gas and fluid chillers for cryogenics, and dehumidification, all which require adherence to impeccable standards.

Rigorous testing allows engineers to reliably gauge the design, material, function efficiency, and to predict the life-of-product time span for semiconductors. Burn-in testing/test sockets require exacting parameters along with precise and dependable temperature control. Backer Hotwatt Superwatt and SunRod cartridge heaters work exceptionally well for test socket applications. Backer Hotwatt products are made in the USA and provide durable, dependable performance.

The nature of a controlled environment requires that all facets of the design, form, and function of the enclosure maintain precise levels of air quality, which include temperature and relative humidity. Gas management systems typically require tubular heating elements that assist in the regeneration of gas purification columns in glove boxes or enclosures. Backer Hotwatt tubular heaters are available in many forms and are UL and C-UL recognized.

Vacuum systems are used for vast purposes across industries—some for the transfer of liquids, other for solids, and others to condition or dry the air. Rope heaters and cartridge heaters are used to condition or dry air in vacuum systems. Baker Hotwatt’s Glasrope® heaters work in pipes, tubes, and similar applications where specific locations need temperatures to be maintained. Cartridge heaters consist of a heated wire packed with inorganic powder and packed tightly into a metal tube. The size, sheath, leads, terminals, wattage, and voltage can be adapted to meet heating requirement needs.


Crankcase heaters for compressors are used to overcome the problem of migration and condensation of refrigerant in the crankcases of compressors used in air conditioning and heat pump systems. They are designed to keep the crankcase oil at a temperature higher than the coldest part of the system to prevent migration. Backer Hotwatt constructs crankcase heaters with the highest quality corrosion-resistant materials and are sealed against moisture.

Gas and fluid chillers are used in a variety of industries, including chemical, energy, semiconductor,Gas-Purification-Column-Heater for Semiconductors 1000pxl aerospace, defense, and automotive, among others. The medical sector employs gas and fluid chillers for work in cryogenics and in applications such as MRI machines. Air process heaters are commonly used in these applications and provide hot air and gas up to 1000°F (540°C) with infinite control by varying the voltage and air velocity supplied. 

Desiccant dehumidification systems are used for large-scale moisture removal and humidity control in industrial and commercial buildings. All-electric desiccant systems are efficient and economical, and do not rely on natural gas to function. Finned tubular heating elements work perfectly for the reactivation air in a desiccant system.

Jamie Holley, Backer Hotwatt’s president said, “We are excited to provide the above information—and so much more—available on our website so people in the semiconductor sector can readily find the details they need to make the right decision about their heating devices. It’s another part of our commitment to work in partnership with companies looking for crucial heat control for critical applications.”

Click here to visit the dedicated resource page on heaters for the semiconductor industry. For more information about Backer Hotwatt, visit or call (978) 777-0070.

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